Top 10 Healthy Cocktails in London

Still carrying a little holiday weight? Can't fit into your favourite shirt after the beer, the mince pies and all those addictive Quality Streets? Well fear no more, we are here to rescue you. We have found the 10 best healthy cocktails in London and where to drink them. From celery to lychee juice, there isn't an ingredient that can't get involved. 

The Botanist

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This restaurant bar with its sleek, modern interior and intriguing mosaic of art work on the back wall, is another sophisticated spot for a health kick, heavy on the kick. Order the Garden Sling, which mixes Beefeater gin with Elderflower, mint, cucumber, lime and apple juice, and your friends will be green with envy (even more so than your cocktail). Drink the night away and feel as cool as a cucumber.

The Folly

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With understated floral patterns on the curved sofa seats and the walls, you can feel healthier just walking into this restaurant bar near Monument station. There are plenty of antioxidising, superfood-filled mocktail drinks that come in every shade of green burst with vitamin goodness. But if you still want that boozy buzz, try a Skinny Lovely Bubbly, containing Pampero rum, a touch of mint, skinny agave and fresh lime topped with champagne.

Callooh Callay

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This trendy speakeasy, hidden in the heart of Shoreditch, serves a long list of inventive cocktails that will have you bouncing off those rustic bare-bricked walls. Winner of the best healthy alcoholic beverage without a doubt goes to the 24 Carrot Gold. Made with Bombay Sapphire Gin, quince liquor, apple and lime juices and home-made carrot syrup, this cocktail will chase away the snuffles, those fatty pounds and the blues all at once.

The Tale Bar

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Salvatore's bar, located in the dark depths of the Playboy Club on Old Park Lane, is a great place to enjoy a fresh, hearty cocktail in the middle of an indulgent hub of gambling and Playboy bunnies. So be good while you're being bad and drink a Ginger Alert. A combination of fresh apple, pear puree, ginger, lime juice and ginger ale, this mocktail can be spiced up with a hit of vodka or left alcohol free for an extra healthy evening.

The Parlour

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Complete with a secret timber-paneled lounge and mixology table for the adventurous, this bar is the perfect venue for expert cocktailphiles. With a selection of healthy 'zero proof' mocktails made with the healthiest of vegetables, feel free to delve into the fruity menu. For those who need that alcoholic ingredient, we recommend the Skinny Superfood Collins, made with gin mare, fresh basil, raspberries, blackberries, agave and fresh lemon juice, finished with soda.