6 Pretty Streets In Edinburgh

Published . By Tom Edwards.

When it comes to the most picturesque streets around, Edinburgh has both the bustling and the beautiful, from the famous pathway that birthed Harry Potter's Diagon Alley to the filming location of Avengers: Infinity War. Our gorgeous capital really has got it all and, lucky for you, we've found six pretty streets in Edinburgh that are ideal for a scenic stroll.

Circus Lane

This beautifully curved locale is often thought of as Edinburgh's prettiest street. Devised as an extension to the New Town by the 18th-century architect James Craig, Circus Lane went against the grain and became one of the first non-straight roads in the capital. Within a 10-minute walk, you can be in the bustling city centre where you can head to Las Iguanas for a post-jaunt brunch.

Circus Street Edinburgh | DesignMyNight

This clocktower is reputed to have the longest pendulum in Europe... cheeky.

The Shore

The Shore sits proudly in Leith, the city's buzzing port district. Officially having merged into the capital back in 1920, the area now plays host to a variety of bars, restaurants and independent bookshops; it's honestly one of the best streets to walk in Edinburgh. Whether you want to grab some brunch at Harmonium, which just 5 minutes away, or visit the Royal Yacht Britannia to see inside the former floating royal residence, this part of the capital is a guaranteed beaut.

The Shore Edinburgh | DesignMyNight

The biggest problem you'll have here is what filter to use.

Victoria Street

Instagrammable places in Edinburgh? Expect independent shops, colourful buildings and facades filled with history at this spot. Originally named Bow Street when constructed in 1829, it gained its regal name in 1837 following Queen Victoria's ascension. And would you believe us if we told you this street was the inspiration for the beloved Diagon Alley? Ya got that right.

Victoria Street Edinburgh | DesignMyNight

We just hope there's time to visit every little shop on the street.

Cockburn Street

Built in 1856, Cockburn Street's original purpose was to link the High Street with Waverly Station. And now? It's one of the most famous streets in Edinburgh. It was even used for filming in Avengers: Infinity War back in 2017. Nowadays, it's filled with independent shops and the City Chambers, the 12-storey building that dominates the skyline. It's also just a stone's throw away from Belushi's Edinburgh, which is a top spot if you've got a real hankering for craft beer and burgers.

Cockburn Street Edinburgh | DesignMyNight

The street featured in a scene from Scarlet Witch and Vision, filmed back in 2017.

Melville Street

Melville Street is just a short walk from the historic Edinburgh Castle. It's thought to have been built around 1825 and was originally meant to be the principal development of the West End. And you know what? These Georgian houses are still sitting pretty in 2020. One quick scan online shows that the apartments are positively beautiful on the inside... we'll just go ahead and add one of these to our wish list.

Melville Street Edinburgh | DesignMyNight

A three-bed apartment here could set you back £1.2 million.

Belford Mews

At just under 200 metres long, this cobbled street leads right into Dean Village. Although it may have a more equestrian-themed history, the quiet road is now home to several Edinburgh residents. Also a short walk from the Water of Leith, Belford Mews makes for a pretty chilled and scenic meander. If you want to cut your walk short and grab some sophisticated drinks under decadent chandeliers, Angels Share is serving up the goods nearby.

Belford Mews Edinburgh | DesignMyNight

There's something about cobbled streets that just makes us so... happy.

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