New bar spy - The Dirty Old Town Distillery

Listen Up Manchester: We're Getting Our First-Ever Rum Garden And Distillery

Published . By Kavita Singh.

The Dirty Old Town Distillery


TBD 2022

School friends Tommy Gaughan and James Harrison founded Salford Rum back in 2018 with the intention of making a sensational spirit that rivals the bustling gin market. After seeing their wives drink through a variety of different gins, they were inspired to do the same and started their own company. Talk about liquid courage. Now, the duo produces thousands of bottles of year.

And to top that? They are now opening up their own distillery, complete with Manchester’s first rum garden, expected to open in 2022. Named after the song from the Pogues 1985 album, Rum Sodomy & the Lash, The Dirty Old Town brings premium spirits inspired by Caribbean liquor, fruits and spices.

Set to be located under the arches on Viaduct Street in Salford, the distillery will highlight their delicious options such as their signature spicy dark rum with notes of coconut, vanilla and burnt caramel. Or you can opt for their sweeter choice made with local honey from Salford beekeepers. With barrels being used as tables and small batches being whipped up on the daily, you can bank on a rustic and welcoming vibe at this new hotspot.