We Spent Our Sunday At A Gut-Busting British Burger Bar

Published . By Lauren Cole.

While the fast food chain may still have the monopoly on your hangover feast, a really good burger is reserved for the lively diners and chilled out dens that have searched far and wide for the perfect stackable combos to slap between two buns. Whether cluckin' good chicken, juicy beef or veggie burgers are your weapon of choice, we can all agree that the best burgers make a big ol' mess. Luckily, that's exactly what I got myself in when I ordered (and ate) far too much at much-loved Fulham restaurant, Foxden.

Foxden Restaurant London Review | DesignMyNight

Beef on beef? The Foxden is enough to make you drool.

A local favourite and popular takeaway too, Foxden fronts a mouthwatering selection that I'd checked out (and swooned over) online before making my way over to Fulham. First impressions? Relaxed and friendly; boasting craft offerings like Gipsy Hill pale ale (£4) and Redchurch lager (£6), we felt right at home the moment we stepped through the door. 

I ordered The Foxden (£15) 'cause the dish named after the restaurant has to be a winner, right? Cooked medium rare, sitting on a bed of caramelised onions, topped with pulled beef and smothered in truffle cheese sauce, this dry aged British beef patty from premium butchers HG Walter was just that. If your burger is dripping all over your plate and sliding around in its bun, you know it's just the succulent mouthful you've been craving.

Foxden Fulham Burger Restaurant Review London | DesignMyNight

These indulgent eats are pure crowd-pleasers.

My friend went for the veggie option (£12): homemade spiced sweet potato and corn burger layer with vegan bacon, melted cheddar, slaw and signature burger sauce. While the patty was not as juicy as a meat alternative, it was packed with flavour and perfectly balanced by the lashings of sauce and toppings. As for sides, we went a little crazy... baby back ribs (£6), crispy mixed fries (£4.50)chilli cheese fries (£5.50) and crunchy healthy slaw (£3.50) were piled onto our table and into our bellies. We finished off by sharing a portion of the bread and butter pudding (£6) - a twist on the classic that's stuffed with peaches and drowned in golden custard. My highlight of the day had to be the sweet and tender ribs, though, which I'm pretty sure I've been dreaming about ever since.

The DesignMyNight Digest 

When almost everything at Foxden is handmade by the chefs - right down to the pot of gooey cheese sauce you can dunk your burger into - you know you're in for a treat. With equally cheery service to match the hearty grub, it's hard to not leave here feeling stuffed and merry. Plus, we have it on good authority that these guys are planning for a second opening soon. Twice the Foxden burgers? Double the treat.

  💰 The damage: £63.50 between two, plus service charge.

  📍  The location: 24 Jerdan Place, Fulham SW6 1BH.

  👌 Perfect for: Food comas.

 ⭐ Need to know: Best. Ribs. Ever.


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