Festivals in the UK

Whether you're looking for a huge summer festival or the UK's best comedy show, a mass burlesque gathering or the most popular live music festivals in the country; this handy guide to the best festivals in the UK will have you well and truly covered. Think the best in comedy, performance, food and drink, and live music festivals the UK has to offer.

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  • Top 10 UK Festivals

    The UK is a heaving hotbed of eagerly anticipated festivals and events, here's our list of the top 10 of 'em. Tuck right in.

  • Top 10 Festivals in the World

    From partying in a glacier and festivals of light, to cuddles by the campfire, here's what the world's best festivals have to offer.

  • Top 10 London Summer Festivals

    London is a treasure of top events and summer shindigs in the sun. Check out our favourite London summer festivals.

  • Festivals and Events in London

    From summer live music festivals to mass foodie gatherings and everything in between; here are London's best festival events.

  • Festival Events This Week

    Looking to get your festival on this week? No bother. Use our nifty search to find the best festivals and events in the next seven days.

  • Summer Festivals in London

    With the sunshine belting down, London is quite the spot. Enjoy this list of summer events, festivals and plenty more.

  • The UK's Best Festivals

    For those venturing out of London; here's our run down of the best festivals in the UK. Think comedy, cinema, music and everything in between.

  • Food And Drink Festivals in London

    From some of the biggest cocktail festivals in the world to street food parties, eat and drink in the capital.

  • Pop Up Events in London

    Looking for unique festivals, smaller festivals and more? Our list of pop-up events in London will impress with its selection.