Best for First Date in Glasgow

Where to take your first date is a decision that could seriously affect your relationship chances. But fear not, for if you've got a first date in our city, there are oodles of great places to choose from. With buzzing restaurant bars that will keep conversation flowing, cosy pubs for something low key but romantic, and fun bars if you're looking for something a little more lively; the choices for a first date in Glasgow are endless. 


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What could be more romantic on a first date than locking eyes across a table filled with delicious sharing plates? Spanish restaurant Cubatas serves mouth-wateringly good tapas and an excellent selection of authentic wines and cocktails, all at reasonable prices. 

Stack & Still is one quirky restaurant for a first date in Glasgow, offering almost 12 million different combinations of pancakes on its menu. Whether you're going sweet or savoury, make sure to check out the self-dispense bar area where you can our your own beer, cider or cocktails.


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Sometimes you need a vibrant venue to get that first date conversation flowing, so look no further than Thaikhun. Channelling the atmosphere from Thailand's capital city Bangkok, the venue serves delicious and authentic food, while the interiors provide a laid-back setting.


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Bibimbap is a cool, relaxed place for a first date in Glasgow. Serving traditional and fusion fare, the restaurant pairs its dishes with creative cocktails and quirky interiors to create a unique dining experience that's fun and laid-back at the same time.


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Liquid courage can sometimes save an awkward first date and Gin71 is definitely a place to help you out. It's a liquor laden parlour of cocktail tricks and specially infused spirits, with more than just a dabble in your usual drinking affairs. 


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Dark, mysterious and clad in a seductive style, Tabac forms the perfect backdrop for your first date if you're looking for something a little atmospheric and less bright eyes and doughy. Drinks come in all shapes and sizes with palatable plates to match, should your date be going well.