Globally notorious? Local and delicious? When it comes to London bars, we know a bit about (almost) all of them. From the quirky bars tucked away in Shoreditch to the rooftop bars giving you something to write home about, this city is no stranger to a drink or three. Award-winning; cheap; romantic; unusual; let us be your guide on all things London with our comprehensive guides below.

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  • We'll Find You A Venue

    Planning ahead and want to secure an area or private space at one of London's best hangouts? Let us do the hard work, and take advantage of our bespoke planning service.

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  • Brand New London Bars

    From the most sought after new cocktail bars in London to the best restaurant openings in your area, we're on the case to bring you the latest news.

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  • Quirky Bars In London

    From Pat Butcher paintings and waterproof dining rooms to cocktails made with whale sperm, this really is your non-stop guide to some of the most unique bars in London.

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  • Best Bars In 2022

    2022 is set to be a year of discovery as we bring you everything from the best underground bars to the finest tequila spots in the city.

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  • Secret London Bars

    Have you discovered the London bars tucked behind washing machines, hidden behind discreet doors and wedged behind fridges? You can now.

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  • Beautiful London Bars

    From floral cocktail bars to beautiful bars with views, we've discovered over 25 of the most pretty bars in London for your sipping pleasure.

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