Amazing Experiences in London

Bog-standard, okay, alright; w'ell be having none of that here. Hailed as one of the best city's in the world, London has some incredible things going for it, and that's including its experiences. From tours across the water and underground dining experiences to stunning rooftop nights out and eclectic club nights, we wont let you miss out. We simply can't. Check out our recommendations for the most amazing experiences in London. 

Last updated on 24th December 2021

The Big Bakes

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Head over to Tooting or East London where this great baking experience will have you mixing, stirring, icing and decorating your way to the top in a bid to be crowned the winner of The Big Bakes.

One of the most sought after cocktail experiences in the city, this unique mixology masterclass at ABQ Hackney is all about meth-maker chic. Don your hazmat suit and prepare to stir up some seriously intense drinks.

No ordinary night out, the Chelsea Funhouse invites you to step into a world of immersive exploration. Split over three levels, visitors can opt to go on a four-course taste adventure in the Journey restaurant, or head down to the 1940s-style bunker for an evening of code-cracking and cocktails with a tam of resident mixologists.

Thames Rockets

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Treat yourself to an amazing experience along the River Thames this summer. You and your mates will get the chance to soak up the sounds, sights and smells of the city in a totally new way... from a high-adrenaline speed boat ride with a welcome cocktail once you return to land. 

At locations across London, you can now try one of the most exciting experiences around with DNA VR. Using the latest gaming technology and wireless headsets, you'll be immersed into a new world, whether it be walking with dinosaurs or Assasins Creed.

If you're looking for a truly incredible way to dine, this event combines stunning views of London and fine dining in a unique setting. Enjoy delicious dishes with expertly-paired wine while taking in the city's landmarks as you drive around in a glass-topped double decker. 

Still haven't experienced the unique cocktail spot that is Alcotraz? Now's the time to suit up in an orange jumpsuit, get behind bars, and smuggle in your favourite spirit so that prison guard bartenders can rustle you up a few clandestine creations.

Ballie Ballerson Shoreditch

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Looking for one of the best things to do in Shoreditch? This fun and frivolous ball pit bar is a must-visit item on that London bucket list. Fuel up on sweet and fruity cocktails and some delicious pizzas before throwing yourself into one of their massive ball pools.